TQP outside

London is one of the best cities in the world to party #FACT so its definitely good news that theres another new space to listen to music. However, although we all love to get down and dirty in the empty converted spaces with no frills, The Qube Project is not that venue.

Here we have a venue, boasting a serious sound system with 3D mapping lighting to match, three rooms, clean toilets and furnishings you would only see in a vip section of an Ibiza superclub. But what make TQP exciting, is what it wants, its goal and the direction its heading in. I can tell you that that direction is UNDERGROUND.

Now admittedly, there have and will continue to be one or two “overground’ artists on the line-ups but don’t let that take away from some of seriously cool players they have coming soon and luckily, DMO will be there to make sure you Don’t Miss Out! Even when you cant get down.