Ok, so we kicked off our first edition of The Qube Project/TQP with a live audio stream and with a cool post event feature which you can find right here on the DMO platform.

The first instalment of the DMO + TQP series saw us with Wankelmut. Who’s Wankelmut? Yeah thats what a few us thought until our Xantha Korn informed us it was the rising Berlin born and bred Dj/Producer and the creator of the original mix of ‘My Head is a Jungle’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suxrIpFZOGk  Recently remixed then by the better known MK. He first came on the scene with the release of ‘One Day’ which I am sure you would recognise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaLeeYoxoXI

I’d like to think I am an honest person, maybe a bit too brutally at times. So when we had accepted to cover this act, although a talented young man, I had my preconceptions as you could imagine. THEN, I heard the set he played, the second half of it made me really take note. I was pleasantly surprised. After the set, my brutal honesty kicked in, in the green room when I said to Wankelmut  – Pronounced ‘Vankelmoot’ and means ‘changeability/ variability’ –

‘Hey good set man, if I’m honest I thought it would have been a little more erm… mainstream/commercial, but I heard a few techy tracks that I wasn’t expecting’

To which he replied –

‘Techy? That wasn’t anywhere close to the tech house I prefer to play, I played a real track and the crowd didn’t seem to dig it so I decided to go easy on them’

I should of known, after all he IS born and bred in Berlin and if I had known the meaning of Wankelmut before his set, I may not have been so surprised.

Anyway, the good thing is you get to hear it for yourself with a free download. I liked the track he started and really liked the penultimate track he closed with, and a majority of what was in between, but in his defence a lot of the crowd there were to see GoldFish, cool and talented guys but very far away from techno. So he was definitely doing the job of a DJ and reading his crowd. Also stay tuned for his interview and full visual of his  performance.

A HUGE thank you to Wankelmut and his team as well as all the awesome staff at The Qube Project, Greg, MJ, Carolina and Anita for just being wicked.

Stay tuned for  DMO on The Qube Project Pt.2

Later, oh and Dont Miss Out!!!