Ok so we’re not the A-Team per say, in that we wont be blowing stuff up on a daily bases. But, we will be making a lot of rising talent blow up in world of electronic music.

DMO is still a very new project but already we are doing some extremely cool sh*t. We know that to get our brand out and to succeed in our main objective (making a globally solid platform for both up and coming and the worlds leading artists to not only showcase their talents, but also connect with the rest of us by letting us in, up close and personal (within reason) giving the guys behind the decks a voice, a personalty and allowing us to actually know our favourite artists.) We are going to need to add to our pretty awesome team to help build the DMO empire.

If you think you would like be a part of this, have ideas you would like to share, or just seriously serious about underground electronic music the please get in touch.